Alsco launched it’s very successful Managed First Aid kits program in November 2008. Our aim was to help clients maintain compliance in their workplace and ensure each first aid kit was complete and “ready” to go when needed.

To compliment the Managed First Aid Kit program, we have developed our unique Managed Training Solutions - .

Understanding our customer’s needs

ALSCO conducted a survey of businesses to find out what challenges they faced complying with legislative requirements, OH& S obligations and duty of care in regards to first aid training.

  • We found few had conducted a proper risk assessment to determine their needs (quote “we just estimate how many kits and first aiders we need”)
  • Many organisations didn’t have a documented First Aid Plan
  • Most said keeping on top of numbers of First Aiders due to staff turnover and leave was difficult - 43percent had fewer than half the appropriate number of trained First Aiders
  • Managing the ongoing training requirements to maintain the correct number of First Aiders with current qualifications was a constant battle.
  • Some thought their workplace was low risk and that they didn’t need First Aiders. (Not many considered employees or customers visiting the site who might have asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems etc)


Alsco used this research information to take first aid training to a new level.

We offer our clients more than just a quality training experience. We provide a service that addresses all the requirements for first aid in the workplace.

We developed a managed training service that improves workplace safety through managing staff qualifications and ensures training certification does not expire.

A Seven Step Managed Service

Our seven step service is fully supported by our Alsco Managed Training System:

1. First Aid Survey

We meet with your key stakeholders including HR & OH&S managers, to gather information.

This information is entered into a first aid survey program to determine the appropriate number of First Aiders for your workplace and type and number of first aid kits and other equipment such as eye wash stations needed.

2. Plan

Working with you, we develop a First Aid Plan that includes specific emergency response procedures.

The plan is reviewed annually or after any major incident.

Branded posters provide visual prompts for emergency procedures and names and contact details of First Aiders.

The First Aid Plan can be accessed via your secure client area on the alscotraining.com.au website.

3. Train

Our training is conducted by Cert IV trainers and assessors who are all experienced health professionals with ambulance, emergency services or health care backgrounds.
Our training is conducted either onsite at your premises or at one of our conveniently located training venues.

4. Record

All First Aiders qualifications and other pertinent data  are added to our data base where clients can access the results and levels of currency of all their First Aiders on our secure online website.

5. Track

We automatically track each First Aider for refresher training and required re-certification via our first aid learning management program.

6. Alert

Email reminders are forwarded when First Aider certifications are due to expire or when annual refresher training is due. Reminders of already scheduled training are sent.

All scheduled training can also be viewed on our website by logging into our secure client area.

7. Report

First Aiders access our online Injury Management Centre to complete our online incident reports. These reports can be printed off for the First Aider to keep as a personal record.

HR and OH&S Managers can use the Injury Management centre to generate reports with information including the number and type of injuries/incidents and location within the workplace.

All information remains confidential and secure in accordance with our privacy policy


Training Guarantee

Alsco’s Managed Training Services unique Training Guarantee prompts stagnant and transparent costs by ensuring that you only pay for the agreed number of trained staff irrespective of staff turnover during the three year term of the contract with Alsco.

For example if you paid for 50 first aiders to be trained and 5 leave within the three year period, Alsco will train their replacements free of charge.