Under the model Work Health and Safety Act, Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) have a duty of care to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health and safety for their workers, customers and visitors by eliminating or minimising risks at the workplace.

A fire in the workplace can result in injuries, fatality, loss of property and prolonged loss of revenue. The risk of a fire in the work place is a serious concern and adequate preparation is needed to minimise any impact if a fire was to occur. The safety of occupants at the time of the fire is of utmost concern.

Conforming to guidelines set in the Australian Standards AS3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities; the Alsco Managed Training System – Fire Warden and Evacuation helps our customers be prepared in the event of a fire by developing an effective emergency plan. Emergency plans are often designed around response to fire because a fire can develop very rapidly and threaten many people in a matter of minutes. In most workplaces, fire is likely to be the most challenging emergency that can be reasonably expected.

Supported by the Alsco Managed Training System; our Fire Warden and Evacuation package will ensure you have an effective response and evacuation procedure and a trained emergency response team:

1. First Aid Survey

We meet with your key stakeholders including HR & OH&S managers, to gather information.

This information is entered into a survey program to determine the appropriate number of Fire Wardens for your workplace.

2. Train

Our training is conducted by Cert IV trainers and assessors who are all experienced professionals with emergency services backgrounds.

Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden Training is conducted onsite at your premises annually. This is formal competency based training 3 hours (Fire Warden) and then an additional 2 hours (Chief Fire Warden Training).

A Site Inspection is conducted teaching fire wardens to identify site risks.

3. Evacuation

A full Site Evacuation is performed on this day

On the day a verbal debriefing is provided to the fire wardens as well as to senior management.

4. Reports

Each training and evacuation day a formal report is presented which details the actual day results, comparable to bench marks with future actions.

Fire Wardens access our online Incident Management Centre to complete online incident reports. These reports can be printed off for the Fire Warden to keep as a personal record.

HR and OH&S Managers can use the Incident Management Centre to generate reports with information including the number and type of injuries/incidents and location within the workplace.

All information remains confidential and secure in accordance with our privacy policy.

5. Record

All Fire Warden Qualifications and other pertinent data are added to our data base where clients can access the results and levels of currency of all their First Wardens on our secure online website.

Certificates for Wardens and Chief Fire Wardens are emailed to the wardens as well as their managers and are also saved on line against the wardens details for easy yet secure access

Sites (branches) will be issued with Site Certificates saved against the site portal.

Branded posters provide visual prompts for emergency procedures and names and contact details of Fire Wardens.

6. Track

We automatically track each Fire Warden for refresher training and required re-certification via our on-line learning management program.

7. Plans

The cost of not being prepared in business is high and research suggests that many businesses are not prioritising Disaster Recovery Planning unless they experience a disaster. Alsco’s Managed Training Services recognises this and offer our customers generic Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans and a Go Pack which the customer can adapt and then save on the secure online website. Also available is a generic Induction Power Point, again which can be adapted to the customer, and assists in ensuring that each employee is familiar with the emergency procedures in the workplace.


Training Guarantee

Alsco’s Managed Training Services unique Training Guarantee prompts stagnant and transparent costs by ensuring that you only pay for the agreed number of trained staff irrespective of staff turnover during the three year term of the contract with Alsco.For example if you paid for 20 Fire Wardens to be trained and 5 leave within the three year period, Alsco will train their replacements free of charge.

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