Fire safety in the Australian workplace

Alsco’s Managed Training Services - Fire Warden and Evacuation is committed to improving its clients’ workplace safety through the provision of cutting-edge, managed fire safety training services.

These services comply with the recent new Work Health and Safety legislation that integrated the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations and Codes of Practice with a National Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Alsco is ready to assist customers with WHS Regulation 43, which states that a person conducting a business must ensure it has an emergency plan that provides for:

  • Emergency procedures, including an effective response to an emergency, evacuation procedures, the notification of emergency services at the earliest opportunity, medical treatment and assistance and an effective way to communicate all its procedures to all staff at the workplace.
  • Testing of those emergency procedures, including how often they should be tested.
  • Information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.

Conforming to guidelines set in the Australian Standards AS3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities, the Alsco Managed Training System – Fire Warden and Evacuation helps our customers prepare for a fire by developing an effective emergency plan.

Alsco’s Fire Warden and Evacuation package ensures our customers have an effective response and evacuation procedure and a trained emergency response team.

Overall, Alsco Fire Warden & Fire Safety Training is abreast of all industry developments and is a leader in its training methods.

Take for example portable fire extinguishers. Many of the available commercial extinguishers are designed to combat specific types of fire sources. Introducing new chemicals and other materials to the workplace can require a change of extinguisher type. Alsco Fire Warden & Fire Safety Training staff can advise on best practice for your business.

Also, building owners in NSW who own premises that are required to have monitored automatic alarms systems as prescribed under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), or by their local Council need to ensure these systems are monitored by one of three approved service providers. Private monitoring by security companies is not considered an approved monitoring service (in NSW for example, only Chubb,  ADT and Romtech are approved, according to NSW Fire and Rescue).

Other rules govern the location/s, type, number of fire extinguishers needed, the frequency of testing, plus many other aspects of fire safety.

Overall, it has been estimated that Australians spend $7,200 million a year on fire safety, but despite that, management often only find out their businesses need an equipment – or procedural - change when an expert provider like Alsco Fire Warden & Fire Safety Training conducts an in-depth premises assessment that considers all aspects of the business as well as fire warden and other staff competence.

If you are unsure if your enterprise needs to be concerned about its fire safety procedures, Alsco Fire Warden & Fire Safety Training already targets comprehensive services for firms in the following industries: Chemical, Child care, IT, Education/vocation, Food, Health care, Hotels, Restaurants and clubs, General manufacturing, Marine, Aviation, Fuels and petroleum’s, Power and Retail.

Courses can be offered as turnkey solutions or fully customised to suit individual firms’ unique needs.

If you have questions about how to improve fire safety at your business or want to arrange a site visit or staff training, call 1300 651 706.

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